Who Are You Comparing Yourself To?


“See what great love the Father has given us that we should be called God’s children—and we are!” -1 John 3:1 


Ever get tired trying to keep up? With the latest craze on social media, with your peers, with the expectations of parents, coaches and fans?

It’s exhausting, and if we’re honest, it can feel like what we do is never enough.

There is another way of living that trades in the hustle of comparison and sets us securely in a peaceful place. It’s rooted not in what we do but Whose we are. Our worth doesn’t come from a scoreboard or record book, nor does it come from the applause or critique of others.

Want to rid yourself of striving and dissatisfaction? Root yourself in the truth of God and who you are as His child.

Jesus came for our good, by way of the cross. God is our Creator and Father, and when He made us, He made us in His image. If we pause right there, this is enough of a pivot point for how we see ourselves.

The Father has given us His goodness through the saving grace of His Son, Jesus. And not only did Jesus come to save, but He also enabled us to have a deep and personal relationship with our Father.

It’s easy for us to allow our lives to get wrapped up in sports, but there is much more to our existence than what takes place during competition. A greater life is found in God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our identity as God’s children, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, allows us to operate in a different way than when we were scraping by and chasing after the approval of others. We could never be satisfied comparing ourselves to our teammates, other coaches or other athletes.

The comparison game is exhausting; rest in being rooted as a child of God through Christ. From there, we can compete out of the overflow of what’s already firmly established inside us.

Stop trying to be someone else when God has made you exactly as you are for a good purpose. Believe this. The only approval you need is God’s, and through Christ, you already have it.


● Who are you comparing yourself to? 

● How is God’s view of you greater than what you or anyone else says?

● Live out 1 John 3:1 today in a way that shows how Jesus takes center stage in your life.


Exodus 9:16

Psalm 16:11

Philippians 4:7


“Father, it gets so tiring trying to keep up with the demands of each day. I am surrounded by distractions and am tempted to compare myself with those around me, or those I see on social media. Help me deeply understand that my identity is rooted in being Your child through the redemptive work of Jesus. Thank You that I can rest in Your love. In Jesus’ name, amen.”