A Word from The Coach


“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” -- John 15:5


Have you ever thought about what would happen if all coaches had to work from home? Athletes would show up to practice, receive a written copy of their workout, and have to do it all on their own, every day. The athletes could still be productive, sure, but there would be something missing. There would be no relational element, no coach present with them to speak a word of encouragement, expectation, purpose, or feedback into their individual situations.

It would be sad, wouldn’t it? It’s not that the athlete would miss out on the chance to get better, but they would be missing out on perhaps one of the most life-giving and life-changing aspects of sport: a personal partnership with their coach. We don’t let that happen in sport, and yet how many of us as Christ-followers forgo our opportunity to have that same type of present and invested communication with our Ultimate Coach, Jesus Christ?

See, God gave us a set of unchanging basics within His Word, rules and principles to live by—much like the regimen an athlete follows—but those principles aren’t everything. God also wants us to take part in a personal, ongoing relationship with Him as He guides us through our individual situations every day. The only way we can do that is by remaining in Him: turning to His Word daily, prayerfully seeking Him, and expecting to hear Him speak directly to us through it.

Spending time in the Bible doesn’t have to feel like an extra chore; instead, think of it as an opportunity to hear from Coach, and approach Him earnestly—He knows what you need.

  • As a coach or an athlete, have you ever spoken to someone/been spoken to during a workout in a way that changed the trajectory or outcome of that workout?
  • Have you been giving God the opportunity to change the trajectory or outcome of your day? Why or why not?
  • How might you approach your time in the Word this week, knowing that God wants to speak directly to you?

John 10:2-5; Psalm 143:8-10; Isaiah 30:18-21


“Lord, thank You for caring about me personally and speaking to me through Your Word. I ask that You give me a hunger and thirst for more of You, that You teach me discernment to hear Your voice alone, and that You lead me on the straight path of Your will. I want to pursue You and Your truth with my life.”

Bible Reference: 
John 15:5
John 10:2-5
Psalms 143:8-10
Isaiah 30:18-21