Growth, Optional

Ready “I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without Me.” - John 15:5
Set Last weekend I attended a three-day coaching clinic. It's always exciting, rejuvenating, and enlightening to listen to accomplished coaches explain their football "x's and o's." I always leave with more knowledge than when I arrived. The day after the clinic I heard a sermon about bearing fruit and how the Lord expects us to grow spiritually. We all have to age physically, but growth and spiritual maturity are optional. In my life, I see such parallels between coaching and our spiritual walk, and between this clinic and the sermon. We can listen to accomplished coaches explain their winning offensive philosophies, but if we don't try to implement changes in our own teams and incorporate these ideas into our systems, we'll get the same results we’ve always had. And the same holds true for us spiritually. We can go to church, read our Bibles and do the FCA devotionals, but if we don't apply what we learn, does it do us any good? I'm tired of being unfruitful. Are you? I think it's time to make a change. As coaches we owe it to our athletes to commit ourselves to continual improvement and growth, not only in sport-specific knowledge but also in spiritual maturity with Christ. And athletes have the same responsibility for their teammates and coaches as well. We have the blessing of impacting a significant number of people every year. It’s time. Make the decision to grow and thrive in Him.
Go 1. In what areas do you thrive, and in what areas do you merely survive? 2. Are you growing in spiritual maturity? How? 3. Do you spend time with the Lord daily? How does that impact how you live your life? Does it impact it at all? 4. Can you share your spiritual goals with someone and allow him/her to help you on your spiritual journey? How would that help you grow in Christ? 5. How would your spiritual growth impact your team?
Workout James 1:22-25 2 Peter 1:3
Bible Reference: 
2 Peter 1