Worship Service


"And Jesus answered him, 'It is written:
Worship the Lord your God,
and serve Him only.'" –Luke 4:8


If you love God, you’ll obey Him. So your act of worship is service. If you’re truly worshiping and loving and admiring who God is and what He’s done in your life, it’s going to be a natural process to serve. If you think of worship as a whole, you worship God with the talents that He’s given you. For me, basketball is a way that I can worship Him and give back what He’s given to me. If you think of it with respect to service and the time and the resources that He’s given you, your act of worship is utilizing those things to help others. So when it comes to true worship, my prayer is, “Change my heart.” I feel like your heart should be a true reflection of God and what He would want you to be doing. Just in your pure desire to follow Him, I think that service comes out of that by default by just wanting to do what He’s put before you. I feel so blessed with what He’s given me. If I can use that in any way, whether it’s talking about Him or just showing people who He is.


1. How do you define the word “worship?” In what ways might your athletic talents be considered a form of worship?
2. In Luke 4:8, what connection do you think Jesus is making between worship and service? Have you ever found that truth to be evident in your life or the life of someone you know? Explain.
3. What are some ways that you can serve others through athletics? What are some non-athletic ways that you can worship God through a life of service?


Matthew 22:35-39; Luke 4:1-8; Romans 12:1


Lord, rid my heart of any selfish ambitions that might keep me from serving others. Help me understand the connection between serving others and a true lifestyle of worship. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Romans 12