Your Team


Now as we have many parts in one body, and all the parts do not have the same function.–Romans 12:4


Think about a team—maybe a school team or one’s family as a team. How many people are on a team? Are they all the same? Do they look alike? act alike? think alike? Probably not, but they are still a cohesive unit of one. On a team, what are the roles of each person and position? In football, what if everyone were the quarterback? What would get accomplished? In soccer, what if everyone were the goalie? How would that play out?

No matter what team we are on, every person has a role and very few have the same function. Every player’s function is vital to the success of the team as a body of one. Every sport has a certain number of players who—when meshed in harmony with their different talents, gifts, and abilities—create an outcome. Sometimes it comes together as something magical, other times quite forgettable, but always as a team. As the body of Christ, we are a team. It is vitally important that we use our gifts together, for we have different functions that can benefit God’s kingdom. When we think our role in God’s glorious plan may be more important
than someone else’s, we must remember that we are in this together. Their role was given to them to serve the Lord just as ours was given to us. Let’s be Thankful, Encouraging, Appreciative, and Mindful of the TEAM we are on.


1. When you think of your team, is your role more important than someone else’s?
2. Why should we show appreciation for others’ gifts?
3. How can you use your gift to be a blessing in the body of Christ?


1 Corinthians 12:12-20; Ephesians 4:4,16


Heavenly Father, thank You for gifting each of us differently. Help me be the best teammate possible, so that You may be glorified. Help me be thankful, encouraging, appreciative, and mindful as I serve others. Amen.