Bible Study

Team Unity - Chapel

1 – Competitions like this one require tremendous team unity.  Each one must bring his/her best to make the team all it can be.

2 – Think for a moment about how diverse your team is:

  • Size
  • Strength
  • Background
  • Ethnicity
  • Skill sets
  • Personalities

3 – Think about how the team is diminished if any one of you is at less than 100%.

4 – Think about how the team’s personality on the floor changes with each substitution.  You are not interchangeable parts in a machine.

5 – Think about the factors which unify such a diverse set of people.  These are most important.

6 – Ephesians 4:4-7 (read the text)

  • One body / one Spirit / one hope of calling
  • One Lord / one faith / one baptism
  • One God / one Father
  • Over all, through all, in all…
  • But each one was given grace as a gift.
  • Each one is uniquely gifted.  All united, but not all the same.

7 – Today, your team will be most successful when each one brings the best of his/her unique giftedness to a unified effort with the whole team.

  • You will be very good today as you play as one.
  • Unified in purpose
  • Unified in values
  • Unified in strategy
  • Unified in heart

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Ephesians 4