The Zechariah Project


"He sought God throughout the lifetime of Zechariah, the teacher of the fear of God. During the time that he sought the Lord, God gave him success." -2 Chronicles 26:5


The ministry of FCA is about many things, but one specific thing is influence. In athletics today, we all are influenced. Athletically, athletes are influenced by teammates and coaches by other coaches, but where is the spiritual influence coming from? One athlete recently told me that when it comes to athletic excellence he could help any teammate get to the next level, but when it came to growing in Christ he was not the man! An honest and compelling commentary for sure.

Back in the day, young King Uzziah took over after the death of his father and quickly became successful, largely in part to his relationship with a spiritual mentor named Zechariah. Zechariah did not challenge Uzziah to conquer more lands or to grow is kingdom, but to seek God's face daily. Through this Zechariah helped Uzziah to do very well, all because he planted within the King a burning desire to know and grow in God's word. Oh, to have a friend like Zechariah.

Zechariah influenced King Uzziah to know and grow in God. FCA's challenge to YOU today is to not only become a Zechariah for someone else, but also to seek out a Zechariah for your own life. We all have people who challenge us in our work, athletic endeavors and academic achievements, but do we have a Zechariah who is constantly putting God in front of us? I challenge you is to create your own personal "Zechariah Project." Maybe God is calling you to be that person is someone's life, or maybe you need to seek out a Zechariah for spiritual guidance. We all need to have it both ways. I have Zechariah's in my life named Chuck and David. Every Monday Chuck challenges me via e-mail, and David meets with me for weekly accountability and spiritual development. I also try to be a Zechariah to several coaches and athletes at Northwestern University. What a blessing not only to have this in my life, but also to give it back.

Take the challenge! Find a Zechariah and then become one for someone else. Athletic pursuits and worldly successes will only take you so far, but spiritual influence and guidance can carry you to eternity! You will be amazed at God's growth and goodness as you pursue this spiritual discipline. What are you waiting for? Get after it for HIM!


1. Who is the Zechariah in your life?
2. Is there someone you could be a Zechariah for today?
3. Today, how can you humbly begin serve God in this way?


Extra Reading: 2 Chronicles 26, Jeremiah 29:11-13, Hebrews 11:6


Lord Jesus, thank You for this reminder that I need other believers in my life who challenge me and keep me accountable in nurturing my relationship with You. Please bring people into my life who will encourage me in my walk with You and hold me accountable to daily reading the Bible, praying, and seeking out fellowship with other believers. Lord, bring to my mind someone in my sphere of influence whom I can encourage like Zechariah encouraged Uzziah. Amen.