Extreme Pictionary

Needs: Game Leader (to tell drawers what to draw and to give a point for each correct guess); a whiteboard and markers

Fast-Paced Game:

Divide the group into 2+ teams, each with a team name. One member from each time goes up to the board, and the game leader whispers in each drawer's ear the same thing to draw.

Ready, Set, Draw! Without talking, each "artist" does his best to get his team to guess what he is drawing.

When the answer is shouted out, that round ends and the next round begins immediately! Anybody can run up to the board and start drawing for his/her team.

The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. (Optional: Award candy to the winning team.)

Keep the energy high and the music going.

Be creative with the things to draw (example: the color yellow, Japan, invisibility, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Transformers, the Geico gecko), or, draw things that relate to the message for the day.


Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Large