Oh Snap!

There are no materials required for this game, just creativity and a good sense of fun! Oh Snap, or Catch the Snap, is a new take on the classic "pass the ball, say your name" game. Instead of a ball, you have...your hand! 

What is this game? What do you do? 

First, appoint a leader of this game.

Make everyone scramble in the room, but make sure everyone's close to each other.

The leader then begins snapping. He or she now has "The Snap" (the ball).

The leader says his/her name, then chooses someone to pass "the snap" to. (Passing "the snap" is just like passing a ball.) Once the leader passes the snap, the leader no longer has the snap, and thus he/she stops snapping. The person who now has the snap begins snapping. That person then says his/her name, then passes it to someone else.

But wait! There's more! You can't just pass the snap like you would pass a baseball or a football! Whenever you pass the snap, the more creative you are, the better! It is optional to pass the snap performing either A) the sport you play, or B) your favorite activity. For example, if your favorite thing to do is to eat, you could "eat" the snap, then "spit" it at someone, thus passing the snap. The more extreme, the better, as well. You could say "The snap will bounce off that wall, then ricochet off the stadium...." How you pass the snap is entirely up to you!!!! 

Creativity in catching the snap is encouraged too! You could catch it in your ear, in your nose, in your mouth...just as long as it eventually ends up where it your hand!

Ahh, but there's a catch! You cannot repeat what someone else has done before. If you do, then...well, I'll let the leader decide what that unfortunate person's fate is....

This game is not designed to be a parallel to a Bible story, but just as a fun way to get to know the people in your FCA team or school better. Now, are you ready to play the zaniest, craziest icebreaker ever? I know I am! Oh, snap!



Length 10 minutes
Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Both