Outreach Idea

Junior High Sports Outreach

Invite students from the junior high schools that will be attending your high school upon completion of junior high. Pick several specific sports and assign one high school student who excels in that sport to a certain area of the gym. These will be training stations and each leader will teach techniques on his or her particular sport. When the junior high students arrive, divide them into appropriate sized groups and send one group to each area of the gym. At the beginning of the training time, the high school student at each station should share his/her testimony with the junior high students.

Each junior high student will be required to train in every sport, so at the end of anallotted amount of time, each group will progress to the next station. When everyonehas trained in each sport, have them gather together to hear a guest speaker. End withpizza and then a group sport activity (kick-ball game, relay races, etc.)