Get In The Game

Hebrews 12: 1-2

2 Timothy 4: 5-8

Coach: (in the Huddle) Okay team, we're in a tight situation here. Bud, you've got #4. And Sid, you take #28. All right, let's stay in man-to-man. We've got five minutes on the clock. Play with all your might. Now let's win this one for…ME (hugs a
player). All right, boys! All right, boys! 

All: Ready, break! (All players go out, except one)

Coach: I love this game!

Bud: Yeah, great game!

Coach: I know…I know. Everybody's working together. Hittin' the boards. And you! You have been tremendous. There's nobody covering #4 like you…LIKE YOU DID! What are you doing here!? #4 just scored! You're supposed to be out there!

Bud: I know…I know, but I've worked hard all night. It's time to let someone else do it for a while.

Coach: That would be fine, if we had someone else! We could only afford five uniforms this year, so there are only five on the team. And you're one of them. GET IN THERE!

Bud: Hey, Coach. Let me help out. Here's $5. Buy a new uniform.

Coach: I don't know what to say. Thanks, but I NEED YOU NOW! OUT THERE!

Bud: I know, Coach. I've really been thinking a lot about this game. I don't think that I'm ready just yet. Maybe reading through the plays one more time will help.

Coach: That's fine. Knowing the plays is important. But they only work when you're in the game.

Referee: TWEET! Hey, Coach, is there a reason why you only have four players on the floor?

Coach: Well….

Bud: Yeah, I'm just taking a break for a while. They don't really need me. Just go ahead with the game.

Coach: Thanks for asking…That's it! Time Out! Everybody, right here! Look, we are not finished out there. The game is still going on. The battle is still being fought. Separately, we can be broken like a twig. (snaps a pencil in Bud's face) But
together, (taking a bunch of pencils) we can't be broken. Do you understand? Now get back out there and PLAY BALL!

All: Ready! Break!

Bud: Go Team! (sits back down)

Coach: (sits down---there is silence)…AHHH! What are you doing here (crying)!?

Bud: There, there, Coach. I won't leave you. And when the next game comes around I'll be right here. And the next game, I'll be sitting right here. The whole season, right here. And the next season…

Coach: All righty then! Just stop, stop…stop, stop, STOP! Bud, Bud, do you hear me?
What are you? What are…Look at yourself!

Bud: I'm a fightin' Tiger basketball player….GRRRR!

Coach: And what does a basketball player do?

Bud: Which player? Jordan, Malone,…

Coach: (puts arm around Bud) It doesn't matter. Any basketball player.

Bud: Well, when you make it general like that, I guess a basketball player plays basketball.

Coach: Son, do you love this game? Because whether you like it or not, you're in this game. You are a fightin' Tiger basketball player.

Both: GRRRR!

Coach: And basketball players play basketball. (yelling) They don't sit on the bench!

Now get in there. Fight the good fight! Finish the game!

Bud: Coach…

Coach: Now! (pause) He's got the ball. He crosses over, fakes and two. TWO! We won!

All: (celebrating—picks coach up and carries him off)

Coach: I love this game! 


To challenge all to get in the game, to finish strong, to love this game, and remember to go the distance. 

Number of People 4
Bible Reference: 
Hebrews 12