Facing The Coach!

Coach: Tweet! Okay Murphy! Okay Brian! Get in here—pronto. Now the Big Game is comin' up. This is our Super Bowl and we have a chance to win it all. You know the drills. We've gone through it hundreds of times. Let's get to work. Now I have to go watch some important footage…

Brian: Hey Coach! You gonna watch films scoutin' out the other team's secret play?

Murphy: Yeah Coach!?

Coach: No, Oprah's on today with “How to make low cal banana splits.” Now back to work! I don't want any benchwarmers!
(Brian immediately starts stretching and Murphy pulls out his shades and sunscreen.)

Murphy: Hey, Brian! Brian!

Brian: What?

Murphy: Do you think you could get my back?

Brian: (starts to) No man! Come on! (Gets back to training.)

Murphy: Hey Brian! (yells) Brian!

Brian: What!?

Murphy: (gives him a muscle pose)

Brian: (doing drills) Hey, you better get back to doin' your drills. You know we have a chance to win this one. You keep goofin' off and you won't be ready.

Murphy: Lori and Misty: (making fun) You keep goofin' off and you won't be ready. Ready, smeady. I'm always ready for---FUN! Hey, here comes Lori and Misty. Hi, Brian! Hi, Murphy!

Murphy: Hello, ladies! Now, why are we so spirited today?

Lori and Misty: Cause---We've got spirit! Yes, we do! We got spirit! How about YOU!?

Murphy: We got spirit! Yes we do! We got spirit . How about you? (looks at Brian) You ladies will have to excuse Brian. He's in training and he just isn't thinking.

Lori: Aren't you playing in the Big Game too?


Every person will give an account to God, our head coach, for how we performed in
the game of life.