The Race

Jesus stands in one corridor or side of the room and says, “Run toward me with preserving.” In very slow motion, the 3 runners begin running toward Jesus. At first, all three runners are focusing on Jesus, but only the person in the middle is running with a Bible. Satan sends an enticer of the opposite sex to pull one of the runners off course with the temptation of premarital sex. The enticer does this provocatively and leads the runner off course. At that time Satan comes and raps that runner’s ankles with the tape or rope and says, “Now I’ve got you!”

NOTE: When the runner is pulled off course, the other two runners stop and then begin moving again after Satan wraps them up. After a few more steps, the other entice pulls the other runner off course (the one without the Bible) with the temptation of drugs. When he/she if off course, Satan then wraps the ankles and says, “Hah, I’ve got you!” The third runner then begins to finish the race. Satan an the other two enticers try everything in the book to pull this runner off course, but the runner never takes his/her eyes off Jesus. When the runner makes it to Jesus, they embrace or you can do a high five or do a crazy, funky high five move. The runner then turns to the huddle and reads Hebrews 12:1, and the first part of verse two.

Characters: You will need Jesus, Satan, 3 runners, and 2 enticers 


 Endurance in the Christian Life

Number of People 7
Bible Reference: 
Hebrews 12