Climbing out of the boat, Peter started walking on the water and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the strength of the wind, he was afraid. And beginning to sink he cried out, "Lord, save me!” Immediately Jesus reached out His hand, caught hold of him, and said to him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”
Matthew 14:29-31 


Homecoming week can strike fear into the heart of a coach. There’s the dance, the pep assembly, the class competitions and, of course, the game, which is often the last to be mentioned. Although our players know better, all the festivities can distract them. It’s a challenge to help them stay focused and arrive at the game ready to play. I admit, some seasons it causes me not to see straight.

Life pulls and tugs at us, which often causes us to become distracted, confused, overconfident or afraid. During these times, I’m reminded of the apostle Peter. Following Jesus’ invitation to go to Him on the water, Peter got out of the boat and actually walked to Him—on the water! At first he had no problem navigating his steps. Then he started sinking. What had changed? Only his focus. Instead of looking to Jesus, Peter shifted his attention to the water, the waves and the laws of gravity. But Christ did what He always does for those He calls: He reached out and saved Peter!

Most coaches I know are like Peter. We enter the profession wanting to make a difference in young people’s lives by sharing the love of Jesus through athletics. We soon find, however, that our focus has shifted to our resumé, our team’s winning percentage or the activities surrounding the game. We begin sinking because we have forgotten to keep our focus on Jesus.

Although we might be frustrated with our players during Homecoming week for losing their focus on the game, thankfully Jesus always waits for us to give Him the attention He deserves as our Savior and Lord. He is always ready to save us from drowning and to draw us to Himself!  


1. What priorities define your life?
2. Do your priorities apply equally to your coaching life?
3. What grabs your attention away from Christ? 


Proverbs 17:24
Matthew 6:25-34
John 6:16-21 


Lord, thank You that You perfect my faith. Draw me so close to You today that I am not distracted by the cares of the world. Amen. 

Bible Reference: 
John 6