Watch The Lamb

This is a music skit using the song ”Watch the Lamb” by Ray Boltz. Follow the lyrics of the song. You will need a hostile crowd, and man and two boys, Roman soldiers, two thieves (crucified with Christ), and Jesus. Act out the lyrics. This takes place at the time Jesus is going to the cross. It is a narrative of a Daddy talking to his boys about what is going on. Daddy is walking with his two boys, talking of the Lamb to be sacrificed. Thief #1 is led to the stage and put on a cross. Thief #2 is led to the stage and put on a cross. Jesus is led down, being kicked, mocked, etc. The Roman soldier gets the father to carry the cross while the boys just watch. Jesus is put on the cross. The Daddy and the boys watch intently. The crowd reacts to what is going on throughout the song. The Daddy is walking slowly, talking to the boys and they listen intently.

Characters: Minimum of 14-15, no maximum—you can use as many as you want: Two little boys, l Daddy, Jesus, two thieves, two or more guards leading the thieves to the cross, two or more guards leading Christ to the cross, the crowd. 


The Crucifixion

Matthew 27

Number of People 14
Bible Reference: 
Matthew 27