Bible Study

The Starting Line - Your New Life In Christ

Take The Challenge To Start Fast And Finish Strong!

The Starting Line may be the most life-changing study you’ll ever complete. It will set the foundation for your relationship with Jesus. Whether you’re a new Christian or in need of a spiritual “jump start,” The Starting Line will bring focus and direction as you come out of the blocks in your “run” with Christ—both on and off the field of competition. Going through this study is just the starting point of a lifelong race of adventure, sacrifice, and commitment in your life with Jesus.

What Is This?
It’s a comprehensive eight-week discipleship study for athletes who are new or experienced Christ-followers and want to understand the vital basics of the Christian faith. Many people accept Christ and decide to follow Him, but they don’t fully understand what comes next. This study is designed to ground you in what it means to be a disciple and live your life for Jesus.

This resource is designed to help athletes, coaches, parents, youth leaders, and volunteers to experience dramatic growth in their new faith in Christ. As you engage each session, you will be equipped, encouraged, and motivated to run with Jesus the race—the adventure—that God has already marked out for your life.

How Can I Use It?
The Starting Line can be utilized in three different ways:

1. One-on-One: Two people can commit to walk through this study together. In order to get the most from the one-on-one approach, it’s best for a more mature Christ-follower to mentor a newer believer throughout the eight sessions. The benefit of this approach is that it allows more discussion and personal connection.

2. Small Group: This study is also designed to work well for a small group that wants to interact with this material together. You can use this resource in an existing group or begin a new one. It’s best to keep your group size no larger than six people to enable everyone to be fully involved. If necessary, divide the group into two smaller groups with separate discussion leaders to create a better environment for interaction.

3. Individually: This study can also be used personally to help you grow in your faith and walk with Christ. If you study these eight sessions on your own, be sure you share with someone what God is showing you during your time of study.

Training for your sport requires self-discipline, enthusiasm, and energy. Investing quality time into this study will yield huge results for you personally.