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  • Board Training Powerpoint

    February 28, 2014


    Download the Leadership Board Training Powerpoint which includes information on developing leadership boards for FCA staff. This can be a helpful tool when coupled with the Leadership Board Manual.

    Please note this presentation is 500mb and will take some time to download.

    In addition - Apple Quicktime is required for the videos to play on a PC. Download and install it here if your videos will not play.

  • Leadership Board Manual

    February 27, 2014

    Download this manual if you are serving on a local FCA Leadership Board. This PDF covers a wide variety of information about the FCA ministry including:
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Knowing the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    • Chapter 2: Power of the Board
    • Chapter 3: Role, Purpose and Expectations of the Board
    • Chapter 4: Structure of the Board
    • Chapter 5: Resources for the Board

  • Board Chairman's Handbook

    February 25, 2014


    A resource just for Board Chairmen that outlines board operations and features board resources.

  • Board Training Workbook

    February 25, 2014


    A fill-in-the blank workbook for Leadership Board members to follow along during Board Training. This document requires Microsoft Word or compatible program to open.

  • Board Training Workbook: Staff Notes

    February 25, 2014


    Includes presentation notes and answer key to the Board Training Workbook. This document requires Microsoft Word or compatible program.

  • 2014 Camp Powerpoint Template

    January 29, 2014

    2014 Camp Powerpoint Template

    What does this contain? It contains the main slide and multiple color schemes.

    You must have Microsoft Powerpoint or software that can open a .PPTX file.

    In Powerpoint, use "Ctrl + D" to duplicate a slide or press the "delete" key to remove unwanted slides.

  • 2013 Camp Report

    October 18, 2013

    2013 Camp Report

    Explore all that God did through the FCA Camp ministry in 2013. Includes stats, highlights and history!

  • International Home Team Flyer

    September 05, 2013


    The FCA International Home Team flyer explains the Home Team program, FCA International Strategies and many ways to join the Home Team.

  • Fields of Faith Press Release Kit

    August 14, 2013


    These documents help promote your Fields of Faith event to local radio, TV and newspapers. Includes a guide and a sample press release.

  • Fields of Faith Promo Card

    July 23, 2013

    Fields of Faith Promo Card

    The Fields of Faith bookmark is available as a print-ready PDF or customizable Word document.

    Promo Card - Basic (.pdf)

    Customizable Promo Card (.docx)

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