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  • Oh Snap!

    February 10, 2010


    There are no materials required for this game, just creativity and a good sense of fun! Oh Snap, or Catch the Snap, is a new take on the classic "pass the ball, say your name" game. Instead of a ball, you have...your hand! 

    What is this game? What do you do? 

    First, appoint a leader of this game.

    Make everyone scramble in the room, but make sure everyone's close to each other.

    The leader then begins snapping. He or she now has "The Snap" (the ball).

  • Nightmare Food Processor Smoothie

    February 08, 2010


    You can call this game whatever you like - "Vegetable Medley," "Nightmare Food Processor Smoothie" 

  • Signs

    February 03, 2010


    This is a fun game that's not hard and easy for a group of almost any size.

    How to play:

    Everyone sits in a circle. There is one person who is "it." There is an imaginary sign being passed around the circle. The person in the middle hast to catch the person who "has" the sign.

    Everyone has their own "sign."  These signs can be simple or complicated, like a thumbs up or scraching your ear or something like that. 

    The person who starts with the sign can pass it by doing another person's sign. The other person has to respond with his own sign to receive the "sign." This continues around the circle until the person in the middle figures out who has the sign.

  • Bible ABC

    February 02, 2010


    Beforehand, you need pieces of paper, pencils and bibles (a bible,a pencil and peice of paper for each group).

    1. Put everyone in a group of about four or five each.
    2. Give each  group a piece of paper, a pencil, and a bible
    3. Tell each group to write each letter of the alaphabet, leaving a space between each letter
    4. Give the groups five to ten minutes to look through the bible and find a name in the bible to start with a letter in the alphabet.
    5. After their time is up, collect all papers. the group with the most amount of names found wins.

    Hope You Enjoy The Game!

  • Zoom

    January 31, 2010


    What you'll need:

    Photos from magazines, newspapers, the Internet or photos taken by yourself.
    You'll need at least one photo for each person.


    Create groups of 5-7 people or larger.

    Mix up the photos, face down and then have each person pick one photo.

    Each person has a picture but they cant show it to anyone.

    The group then tries to come up with a story from some photos.

    It takes a lot of patience and understanding to keep the story going in the direction that the first person started off with. 

  • Balloon Bust

    January 30, 2010


    Divide into two groups.

    Form two lines. 

    Each person gets a balloon that's inflated. 

    The first person in each line is given instructions on what to do with their balloon (ex: dribble balloon to wall and back, kick ballon, balance baloon on foot, etc.). 

    Once they have completed the task, they return to their starting point at the front of the line and sit on their balloon until it pops.  Only after it pops can the second person in line begin the assigned task that was given. 

    Again, after they've completed the task, they return to their place in the line, and sit on their balloon until it pops. 

    The first team to pop all its balloons, wins.

  • Non-Musical Chairs

    January 30, 2010



    *A chair for all but one person.

    Make a circle with the chairs as if you were setting up a game of musical chairs, the person without a chair will start the game.

    Have everyone seated, the person in the middle of the circle will state a clothing item or physical characteristic, such as, but not limited to, green eyes or blue jeans. (The person in the middle must match the criteria they call)

    The persons with those characteristics, etc. will stand up and switch seats, since there won't be a chair for everyone since the person in the middle will need a seat, the last person standing is "it". The game goes on for any amount of time.



  • Superhero Challenge

    January 26, 2010


    Materials: none: pens and paper optional

    Divide into groups or tables of 5 or 6. In 2 minutes, with your group members, create a superhero based on Christian principles or Biblical principles or events. You must list 3 superpowers and at least one weakness. For example: (Superpowers: can walk on water, part a sea, full of patience. Weakness – speaks only King James English)

  • Unselfish Love

    January 21, 2010


    For small group

    At least one person who can do push-ups (10 or 20 for each group member, depending on size of group).

    Reward for each group member (hamburgers, food, candy, snacks)

    In a small group of 5-7 people, ask for volunteers who can do 10 push-ups.

    Then, ask those volunteers who can do 10 or 20 push-ups times the number of people in the group (70 total for example).

    Out of those volunteers, ask the group to pick one person to do the total number of push-ups (Student A).

    Have everyone form a circle and bring student A into the middle. Then show the rewards to everyone and explain the challenge below.

  • The Toilet Paper Game

    January 15, 2010


    All you would need is a brand new roll of toilet paper. Any kind works. You go around your group telling each person to take how ever many sheets they use when they go to the bathroom. You cannot tell them what the toilet paper is for until after everyone in the group has a few sheets. After everyone has a few sheets of toilet paper, they have to write one fact about themselves on one sheet of toliet paper.

    For example: I take 10 sheets of toilet paper, I would have to write 10 facts about myself on each sheet of toilet paper. Like I have 3 brothers and 1 sister.

    To make the game more fun, have your group members write random facts that they never told anyone before or facts that don't seem like it would be their thing they like to do.

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