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  • Too Light, Too Heavy, Just Right

    January 26, 2010


    Person 1: (enters the room with a bible behind his/her back and walks up to person 2) ( in a quiet voice) Hey, well i'd like to tell you about this guy who died 2000 years ago.  Okay bye!!!

    (sign pops up that says "Too light")

    Person 1 (Yelling) Get saved!!!!!!!!!!! (hits person 2 with bible)

    Person 2 No

    Person 1 (Louder)  Get saved!!!!!!! (again hits person 2 with bible)

    Person 2 No!!!!!

    Person 1 You're stupid!!!

    Person 2 No I'm not!!!!!!!!!! 

    Person 1 don't lie. the Bible says not to lie.

    Person 2 that says "holy bible"

    Person 1 Inside not outside dummy!!!!

  • Deciding Your Future

    March 10, 2009


    Plot of Skit: People are sitting on a fence and Jesus and Satan are at opposite ends of the fence. Jesus says, “Come and follow me.” to the first person on the fence. That person asks, “Why should I?”. Satan gives reasons to come with him while Jesus combats Satan with the Word of God and reasons to follow Him.

  • Willing?!

    September 30, 2003


    Set Up: All characters in the audience

    Two: Hey! Aren’t we supposed to do a skit?

    All: (take the stage, yelling and excited) We’re going to do a skit. (Characters speak simultaneously as follows.)

    Six: I’m acting---Acting…

    One: To be or not to be? That is the question…

    Four: (singing) Me, me, me, me… Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…

    Two: I’m such a good actress. I got all-star cast last year…

    Five: Well, my director said that I’m the best actor that she’s seen in years. Last year when I played the chicken…

  • Weigh Nothing Light

    September 30, 2003


    Leader: Weigh nothing light on my soul
    Are you still in control

    Student 1: 3,000 children and teens a day see their parent’s marriage end in divorce

    Leader: I desperately need You, I desperately know
    Love left me hungry, life gave me pain
    This world washed dreams away like the gray rain

    Student 3: 66% of the population believes that absolute truth cannot be found

    Leader: In you is my promise, I’m so afraid I let it slow
    In You is salvation, in You is my glow
    So sinking and worthless
    So stinking, so fruitless
    Smudges like newspaper, sooty and raw

    Student 2: The suicide rate among teen has quadrupled in the last 4 decades

  • Trapped in Sin

    September 30, 2003


    Jesus is standing off to the side away from the sin (can be done to “Bright Eyes” by Kim Carnes). The girl comes on stage and is trying to choose which direction to go in (the sin or Jesus). After thinking briefly, she starts toward the sin. Her caring friend comes out to try and persuade her to go toward Jesus, but the girl ignores her.

    She goes over to the sin and embraces them one by one. When she is finished, she goes back to the first sin and takes his hands and starts dancing in a circle. She is smiling, but the sin has no expression. Quickly, the second sin joins hands in the circle of dancing and then the third, fourth, and fifth.

  • The Fence

    September 30, 2003


    People are sitting on a fence and Jesus and Satan are at opposite ends of the fence. Jesus says, “Come and follow me.” to the first person on the fence. That person asks, “Why should I?”. Satan gives reasons to come with him while Jesus combats Satan with the Word of God and reasons to follow Him. Each person decides one way or the other until they come to the last person, who decides that the fence is comfortable. He chooses not to make a decision either way, to just stay on the fence. Satan then says, “Welcome to Hell, I own the fence.” You can follow this by reading Revelation 3:15 or just stop after the last line.

    Characters: Jesus, Satan, four people on the fence 

  • Take Courage

    September 30, 2003


    Readers' Theater: Illustration of a story told by Tony Campolo. The last gladiator competition in the Roman Coliseum was defeated by a little monk who was courageous enough to follow God's direction.

    All: (heads down)

    One: (looking through a dictionary) Courage: The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty. (turn head)

    Two: (imitate holding a gun) Danger!

    Three: (grab ankle) Pain!

    Four: (show muscle) with firmness

    Five: (hand out) without fear

    One: (close book) bravery. So…

    Two: (step into line) Take

    Three: (step into line) Courage.

    Four: (step into line) Be strong

    Five: (step into line) and courageous.

  • No Off Season

    September 30, 2003


    Leader: All right! Everyone…everyone attention. Listen up! HEY YOU GUYS! (all are quiet) It is time for the annual FCA Talent Show. Now I expect that everyone has practiced and I must say that dress rehearsal was just nifty. But now it's time for the real thing. So…PLACES EVERYONE! And remember there's…

    Everyone: NO OFF SEASON!!

    Leader: Great! Move along. Now presenting all the way from Lord only knows where, a display of some of the most interesting talent this side of Paducha. Here they are, this year's FCA Huddle Leaders in their interpretation of NO OFF SEASON!

    (Each group of Huddle Leaders do a short interpretation of NO OFF SEASON. It should be no longer than a minute. Come up with your own ideas or in desperation look below.)

  • No Heart Life

    September 30, 2003


    The girl is escorted around the room by the first guy. He then asks her if he can have her heart. She says, “no, I’m not ready yet.” He says’ “Oh come on, everybody is doing it.” The girl gives in and tears ¼ of her heart off and gives it to the guy. He takes it and walks off.

    The girl is then escorted around the room by the second guy. He asks her if he can have her heart. Again, she says, “No, I don’t want to go that far.” He says, “If you love me, you will.” She gives in and tars off another ¼ of her heart and gives it to the guy. He walks off.

  • My Jesus

    September 30, 2003


    You need someone to play Jesus and five other characters. Jesus is standing in front with His hands at His side looking forward. He has no expression on His face.

    Other Characters:
    Sports Fanatic - needs to have a football, basketball, or volleyball. He/she comes in and looks at Jesus, then looks at the huddle and says, “That’s not what my Jesus looks like! My Jesus is a basketball player.” That person then bends and forms Jesus as if He were shooting a foul shot and puts the ball in Jesus’ hands. Mold Jesus into whatever sport you want. The person then says, “That’s what my Jesus looks like!” Exit.

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