As You Pass through the Waters…

A Personal Story by Lindsey Kirchhoff

Natalie Ann came screaming into the world on July 28, 1986—18 months after me. Feisty and strong willed, Natalie proved right from the start that she was determined.  She embodied the fearless character of Rudy Ruettiger—the hero of the acclaimed movie, “Rudy,” who defied the struggle and achieved his dream of playing football at the prestigious University of Notre Dame.

As I a cautious nine year old, I signed up for the two swimming events I knew I could win. Natalie, on the other hand, signed up for every event, including the arduous butterfly. Before the competition, mom asked Natalie, “Do you know how to do the butterfly?” She retorted, “No, but I’ll learn.” Shocked, I could only shake my head at her foolishness. “Never give it less than 110%” was Natalie’s motto.



Bible Reference Revelation 12