Feel The Nails

This is a music skit. The characters say nothing, they just act out the song “Feel the Nails” by Ray Boltz or “Bright Eyes” by Kim Carnes. Have five or six people come out and line up with their backs to the crowd. Have two others come out with one person witnessing to the other. The person being witnessed to rejects the gospel. She then goes to the line of five or six people. One by one each person turns around and she gives them a hug. They each have a sign on their chest that says things like sex, drugs, pride, gossip, etc. They ALL form a circle with their hands and begin to walk around in a circle. The girl is soon thrown in and trapped by the sins. The one who witnessed to her tries to help, but fails. The skit ends with Jesus coming out, breaking the sins and freeing the girl,because she has fallen to her knees in prayer. 


 God's Grace

Number of People 8