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Complete Players - Chapel

Chapel – Complete Players

1 – To be a complete player one must have all parts of his or her person fully engaged in the sport and with your team.
• The body – physical dimension - sport technique
• The mind – mental dimension - sport strategy
• The heart – spiritual dimension – sport passion

2 – Jesus Christ was a complete person (read Luke 2:52).
• Jesus developed in wisdom – mentally.
• Jesus developed in stature – physically.
• Jesus developed in favor with man – socially.
• Jesus developed in favor with God – spiritually.

3 – You have each developed:
• Physically – technique and skills
• Mentally – strategy and scholarship
• Spiritually – pure hearts and strong character
• You are complete players and fully capable of competing greatly.

4 - Your hearts will make you more complete competitors than those who oppose you today and all through the season. Play your hearts out today.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Luke 2