Bible Study



  1. About which of your sport accomplishments are you normally too humble to openly speak?
  2. Why is it important for you to maintain such humility?
  3. Who are some players you’ve known who showed real humility?
  4. Let’s look for evidence of humility in this story.  Let’s read Mark 1:6-11.
  5. What are some indicators of humility in John the Baptist from this passage?
  6. Why do you think John acts and speaks so humbly?
  7. How similar is your expression of humility to John’s?
  8. What are some ways that we can express true humility in the world of sport?


  1. Pursue excellence in your sport.
  2. Deflect the praise that comes your way to teammates, coaches or the Lord Jesus.
  3. Humbly thank those who help you achieve.
Bible Reference: 
Mark 1