Bible Study



  1. What is your most consistent expression of faith or “active trust” within sport?
  2. In whom do you see faith at work in his/her sport?
  3. What or who seems to be the object of that faith?
  4. Let’s read about someone Jesus describes as having great faith.  It’s in Luke 7:1-10.
  5. What did this man want from Jesus?
  6. How did he express an “active trust” in Christ Jesus?
  7. Why would Jesus be surprised by his great faith?
  8. How similar is your faith to this man’s “active trust?”
  9. What have we learned today that could lead us to trust more and to exercise great faith?


  1. Actively trust your teammates and coaches.
  2. Actively trust Christ Jesus in a life of faith.
Bible Reference: 
Luke 7