Bible Study

One Mission - The Mission

One Mission

Meeting Focus

To get to know your Huddle members and break the ice for discussion.

More Getting to Know You (10 Minutes)
Choose another Conversation Starter from page 20.

The Roster (5 Minutes)
If all Huddle members have not filled out the roster, make sure that it is completed at this meeting. (Make sure that this is returned to the Huddle Leader Coordinator after the Huddle meeting. This will allow them to check who is missing and if there is anyone who has checked in but is not with his/her Huddle.)

Reflect on the Day and the Evening Program (10 Minutes)

Warm Up

In the following “Season Goal,” write a few sentences about your personal missions or goals. What is the difference between the two? Think about what you like to do with friends, on the field, in the classroom, etc. Do you want to be a league champion, earn a starting position, increase you GPA, get a certain score on the SAT, find a girl/boy friend, etc.?

Define the word “mission”. What is meant by a personal mission? What is the difference between a “mission” and a “goal”?

Share these things with a partner and discuss your season goals.


Read the following passages and fill in the blanks.

John 14:5, 6

Thomas asks, “How can we _______________________?”

Jesus answered, “______ am the ____________, the _____________ and the _____________. No one _____________ to the _____________ except through _______.”

John 11:16

Thomas tells his buddies, “Let _____________ also go that we may ______________ with him.”

What was Thomas’ mission in the above verse?

John 20:25,27,28

Thomas was unwilling to believe unless he saw the ______________.
Jesus says to Thomas, “Put you finger __________… stop ____________ and _______________.”
Thomas replied, “____________ Lord and _____________ God.”

How did Thomas’ Mission in life change? Was it consistent? How did it start out? How did it end? What kind of questions did he ask? What did it take to convince him?

Thomas starts with an incredible mission – being willing to die for that mission – to wondering who Jesus is – to being willing to believe if he touches the wounds, to being willing to give his whole life to him. Thomas started out wondering who Jesus is and then was willing to die
for Him.

This week is a time for you to ask questions and to wonder just as Thomas did. What is important enough for you to die for? How does Jesus fit into my life’s mission? What place should He have in a person’s life. Could Jesus fill your life will an incredible Mission, with true reality and a vital life?

Cool Down

Draw an “X” on the scale below that best describes where you are:

Close by asking Jesus to give you a great week. Tomorrow (10 Minutes)

It is important at this time for you to go over the schedule for tomorrow. Begin by explaining Quiet Time. (See page 1299 in the Bible.) For some in your Huddle, this will be their first time to stop and examine the Bible for themselves. Help them understand how to do this.

NOTE: It is imperative that you stress “lights out.” They, and you, need to get your rest so you will not be too tired the following day or the rest of the week.

Bible Reference: 
John 20