Choose Not to Snooze


“Listen to my voice in the morning Lord.  Each morning I will bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.”  - Psalm 5:3


Are you one of those athletes who hits the snooze button every morning?  You know, you’re just soooo tired that you need a few more winks of sleep?  You choose to snooze.  And when snooze button pushers’ follow through with their snoozing, they almost always end up missing out on great morning opportunities.

When David penned Psalm 5:3 his simple plan was to begin his day with prayer.  Praying is communing with God.  It’s a big part of a relationship.  And David brought his requests to God, which means the life issues that were on his mind.

In addition, David “waits expectantly” for a response from God.  This is like when my daughter Whitney was pregnant with her son, Colt.  She was “expecting”, and we all waited expectantly.  A baby is coming.  An arrival is sure.   When we present our requests to God we should pray in this way too!

Now, keep in mind that God is not a magic genie granting a “yes” to our every request…but He for sure wants us to believe in Him enough to talk about it…including our athletic lives. This is what a Christian athletic relationship with God should look like. 

Choosing not to snooze is a great way to begin the day.  It’s choosing to get up to pray and look up because an answer is coming up. 

  1. How do you begin your morning now?
  2. Are you willing to choose and not snooze for a season?
  3. If so, would you engage in relationship with the Lord and present your requests to Him?

Psalms 5; Psalms 20; Psalms 25


Lord, I choose not snooze.  I love You and the opportunity I have to include You in my athletic endeavors.  I will begin my mornings in prayer requests for my team, my coaches and my opponents.  In Jesus name I pray, amen.  

Bible Reference: 
Psalms 5
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