Deuteronomy 20:2


Deuteronomy 20:2
When you are about to go into battle, the priest shall come forward and address the army.


Hockey Chat:  Some of the greatest games began with a good ol’ locker room pep talk.  It was a talk by the coach or team captain.  It was the motivation to start the team off on the strong foot and carry them through the game.  Sure the team could’ve went out there and played the game without the words of wisdom, but the outcome may not have been the same.


Life Lesson:  In our busy lives we have a hard time squeezing church into the schedule.  Why bother anyway?  Our week will go on with or without it.  It will, but it can be much more dynamic and positive with a few words of wisdom from the pastors that God has blessed our lives with.  Their biblical insight wrapped up in a sermon can be the words we need through our week in the world.  Make every effort to enjoy the gift you have of being able to attend a church service. 

Bible Reference: 
Deuteronomy 20