Ephesians 4:27


Ephesians 4:27

Do not give the devil a foothold.




Hockey Chat:  When you’re on defense, one of the worst things you can do is let your opponent stand in front of your net waiting to tip the puck, get a rebound, or just screen your goal tender.  Detroit scored buckets of goals against Colorado in 07 doing just that and swept them right out of the playoffs.  You cannot let that guy stake his position there.  It takes work to get him away but if you let him stick around, he’s bound to cause trouble.


Life Lesson:  Be aware of the Devil sneaking in to try to make a place in your life.  He’ll start with the small sins and try to convince you they are just little meaningless moments.  But with that foothold he will pry his way further into your life and cause much greater trouble.  Be aware of his tricks and don’t let him get his way with your life.  Keep you eye on Christ and your ear to his word to remain alert.

Bible Reference: 
Ephesians 4