Eyes Fixed


“Let your eyes look forward; fix your gaze straight ahead.” – Proverbs 4:25


Back when I played basketball, there were different schools of thought about where to look when shooting a basketball.

One thought was to spot the gap in the middle of the rim and have your hand follow through like it’s going there, too. Another one, which I used, was to look just over the front of the rim on the side you were on. If you play a sport that uses a shared object like a ball or puck, you need to see where you are putting it in order to put it there. Passes and shots are more likely to reach the target if you fix your eyes where they need to go.

As a follower of Jesus, why do you do the things you do? Why do you pray, read the Bible or meditate on Scripture? Do you do it because someone told you that you need to?

The goal of spiritual disciplines should be to be more like Jesus. We should try to draw nearer to Him. Proverbs 4:25 says, “Let your eyes look forward; fix your gaze straight ahead.” Our focus should be on Him. Verse 27 says, “Don’t turn to the right or to the left.”

God wants us to be more like His Son. Jesus went to the cross knowing His death would pay for our sins. Jesus was resurrected so we can be restored in Him. So, let’s square our shoulders to Him and keep our eyes fixed on Him. Let’s not go right or left. He is worthy of our desire, attention and our lives.

  • How important is it to have good vision in your sport?
  • Do you read your Bible and pray? Why or why not?
  • When you remember that Jesus died for your sins, how does that encourage you to pursue Him?

“Father, honestly, my eyes are not always on You. Please forgive me. I want to pursue You. Help me to focus on You with a genuine heart. Amen.”