"I have chosen to be faithful; I have determined to live by your regulations."

-Psalm 119:30 

Commitment, sacrifice and hard work are terms synonymous with two former major league baseball players who will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame: Cal Ripken and Tony Gwynn. Not only did they make it in on their first ballot election, but also by two of the highest voting percentages in the history of the Hall's election process. These two players mirror each other in many ways. They both played with the same team their entire careers; they both played in the majors for more than 20 seasons; both hit more than 3,000 hits; and both remained faithful to their cities, organizations and families during their careers. The induction will be a well-deserved honor for each man, indeed.
In the New Testament, the author of Hebrews dedicated a whole chapter to men and women in who had lived by faith and remained faithful through good times and bad. They indeed were inducted into God's Hall of Fame of Faith. These individuals were not necessarily the CEO's and top people of their days, but normal men and women who had struggles just like you and me who had to remain faithful to God. The Lord called many followers to be faithful, and the ultimate act of faithfulness was sending His Son to become man. And that Son was then faithful to the calling placed on His life, even to the point of death. But in death, that faithfulness turned into victory for us all.

Gwynn and Ripken were two faithful MLB players who provided a great standard for many who play the game today, but their faithfulness was a choice. And we have that same choice whether or not to be faithful in our lives. We must choose each day to be faithful--faithful in work, faithful in school, faithful in sports, faithful in relationships and faithful in Christ and His Word. You have to choose today and everyday to be faithful. It takes commitment, sacrifice and hardwork, but the reward that awaits you will be well worth it in the end.  

1. How faithful are you in your life?
2. In what area of your life do you need to become more faithful?

3. Today, how can I become more faithful in my walk with Christ? 

Psalm 136
Luke 16:10

2 Timothy 4:7 

Bible Reference: 
2 Timothy 4