Firm Foundation


“There is no one holy like the Lord. There is no one besides you! And there is no rock like our God.” – 1 Samuel 2:2


What are the foundational skills of your sport? If you play soccer, you might say kicking; for track and field, it could be your running form. Whatever sport you play, the foundational skills are what you learn first and rely upon to continue to build your game. If you forget the foundation, then it will be really hard to add more skills. Likewise, if you continue to practice your foundational skills, you will have laid the groundwork to advance your game to the next level when newer, complex skills are presented.

Foundations are essential in every aspect of your life. When a foundation is built, you want it constructed on a firm substance, like a rock. A foundation built on rock can stand the test of time, elements and attacks.

What is your spiritual foundation built upon?

Is your spiritual life built upon your feelings, changing each day depending on your mood or circumstances? You may have a borrowed foundation from family, friends, or significant others, hoping that their foundation is strong enough to hold both of you when a storm comes. Maybe your foundation is built upon your actions or knowledge, hoping that your foundation will stand tall if you are just good or intelligent enough.

The strongest foundation for your spiritual life is simply God. Build your foundation on who He is and what He promises us, and you will have the strongest foundation that withstands attacks from the enemy.

Construct your foundation upon His love and grace, build with the knowledge of God’s justice and mercy, and abide in the structure of His kingdom. When a foundation is built like this, your faith will grow in ways you never thought possible. You will see your spiritual gifts shine and be armed and ready to fight back when the enemy attacks.

  • What is your spiritual foundation built upon?
  • Thinking back on your life and athletic career, what key elements formed your foundation?
  • What attribute of God would you like to add to your foundation to begin growing?

“Abba Father, You are our firm foundation. With You, we can stand against anything this world throws toward us. Remove any elements of our foundation that might not be centered around You. Give us a foundation built on Your love, justice, mercy and grace. Help us grow in our spiritual gifts to better advance Your Kingdom. Amen.”