"The rain fell, the rivers rose, and the winds blew and pounded that house. Yet it didn’t collapse, because its foundation was on the rock." — Matthew 7:25


The fall of 2005 brought a record number of hurricanes to the Atlantic Basin, several of which impacted the coastline of the United States. After Hurricane Katrina struck first the Florida coast, then the Gulf states, the nearly total devastation of coastal communities was shocking. Of the many images seen in the aftermath, one news photograph stood out, capturing a makeshift sign rising out of the rubble displaying an address and name, acknowledging the location of the family’s former home. All that was recognizable was the foundation, giving testament to the location where reconstruction after total loss will begin.

Many sports teams begin each preseason with a theme, or foundation, for the journey ahead: "Don’t Quit," "We Chose This," "A Band of Brothers," "No Pain, No Gain." During challenging times, coaches, captains, and team leaders use these themes as reminders of their common goal, uniting the players and staff to get back to the basics in the journey they face together as a team.

Just like the foundations of the buildings and homes destroyed by storm surge, God provides the foundation in our lives personally, as coaches, and as leaders. When daily challenges seem to exceed our ability to respond, a God-centered foundation in our lives will bring us back to our roots, reminding us of our identity in God’s kingdom. Such refocusing serves as a spiritual compass reorienting our lives, helping us rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead us through the challenges of our day-to-day lives.


1. What are your team themes this year?
2. What is your foundation as a person? As a coach?
3. How can you challenge yourself and your team to seek a spiritual foundation built on the rock- solid foundation of God?


Extra reading: Psalm 97:1–7; Luke 6:37–49


Father God, help me to be focused on You in all that I do. Lead me to build my spiritual foundation upon You. Help me to seek out that foundation in challenging times so that I may clearly see where my life is rooted. Guide me in all I do so I might glorify You. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Luke 6