Focus on Jesus

Whether a coach doesn't like you and you're not playing. Injury. A lull in your performance, someone on your team that mentally beats you up.  Parents.  Girlfriends.  Boyfriends. There can be a lot of external influences that can affect not only your performance but make you question if you are really called to be in this game.  Focusing on Jesus through all the garbage is essential.

A few disciples were out in a boat.  They looked out in the water and saw what they thought was a ghost.  When Peter ( one of the disciples ) realized it was Jesus he said, "Lord, if it's you let me come out to you."  Jesus then said, "come".  Peter leaned out of the boat and began walking on the water to meet Jesus.  Then he gradually began to take his eyes off Jesus and started noticing how big the waves were.  How windy and fierce the weather was.  I'm sure he was thinking to himself that he had no business walking on water.  After all he was just a man, not God.  As he was having these thoughts, he began to sink.  

It is difficult to look for Jesus through all the crazy circumstances of life.  Trust me, when things get hairy, its not easy to look to Jesus.  But as we practice this, it can become easier and eventually it becomes second nature.  

As this New Year begins, I challenge you all to know Jesus is in control.  No matter what the stuff around you looks like, know that Jesus has the ability to great things happen out of tough circumstances.  You never need a miracle unless you are in an impossible situation.

Have a blessed New Year!