Getting Held Up?


Therefore let us approach the throne of grace with boldness, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us at the proper time. — Hebrews 4:16


Just prior to pregame warmups during my rookie season with the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the officials introduced himself to me as the father of a friend of mine. After a brief chat, he suggested I let him know if I was having any trouble in the game. Not thinking too much of his comment, I thanked him and joined my teammates for drills.

As a guard on the punt team, my job, of course, was to protect the punter, and then to cover my lane and tackle the punt returner. The linebacker for the Buffalo Bills who was playing over me was a crafty veteran who masterfully disguised illegally grabbing my facemask, which kept me from covering my lane very well. After our second punt, I realized that the fifteen-yard return was once again right through my territory and that his illegal technique was preventing me from making plays on the ball carrier.

I then remembered Mr. Wagner’s pregame comment, and I asked him to watch number 58 on the return team. Sure enough, next punt, the guy held me and the Bills return man made too many yards through my lane. But this time, I saw a yellow flag near me, followed by the words over the loud speaker, “Holding—number 58 on the defense.”

There are many days when we get held up in our Christian life. It’s wonderful to recall the standing invitation from our Lord to “draw near—and find grace to help in the time of need.” We enjoy this attentive ear from our heavenly Father, simply because of our relationship with His Son. Whether because of trying circumstance or perhaps a habitual sin, the Lord is eager to completely free us and make the right “plays” in our Christian lives. We must only ask in faith.


1. In what ways are you being hindered in your Christian life?
2. What “plays” could the Lord be planning to make in your life in order to loosen the grip of whatever is holding you back?


Extra Reading: 1 Chronicles 17:25; Psalm 5:1–3; Luke 18:1; James 1:5


Lord Jesus, thank You for making it possible to come to You at any time for grace and mercy. Amen.