Laced Up

Protect me, LORD, from the clutches of the wicked. Keep me safe from violent men who plan to make me stumble. Psalm 140:4  
Fred was a very good player in my high school program. He could run, jump, dunk, and shoot. He had all the tools he needed in order to be successful. But Fred made a big mistake one day. He came out to practice late, and I did not see him until “it” happened. We were doing our warm-up drill involving lay-ups when Fred came down after a lay-up and turned his ankle badly. When I looked at his feet, I realized he was not prepared for the drill. Fred’s shoes were untied and not laced up tight for practice. He tripped over his laces, tore up his ankle, and missed the remainder of our season.
Are you properly “laced up” spiritually? What does that mean? When we become relaxed spiritually and do not make sure we are ready to compete against Satan and his schemes, it is easy to be tripped up by the world and all it offers. Let’s take a look at how the world wants to trip us up ...
Look at slogans today. Burger King®: “Have it YOUR way.” The Army: “Be all YOU can be.” Sprite®: “Obey YOUR thirst.” And it goes on and on. These slogans and products themselves are not bad, but the world tells us we can do it on our own and that YOU are all you need. Jesus Christ offers us a different way. He wants us to be laced up in Him, ready in Him. You need to be in God’s Word, talking with Him all the time, and laced up spiritually so that you are ready to battle the enemy.
Fred could have hurt his ankle even with properly laced shoes, but it would have been a sports injury rather than a careless one. He wouldn’t be kicking himself for neglecting to do something as simple as tying his shoes. In your life with Christ are you leaving your spiritual shoes untied, hoping not to be tripped up by the evil one? Don’t get spiritually sloppy. Take time each day to make sure you’re ready to compete for Christ. Spend time in prayer and in His Word, and focus on Him throughout the day. Do this and I know you will be less likely to be tripped up.

Before you go out into the world today, ask yourself if you are ready to compete against what it offers. If not, get laced up in Christ right now! You won’t regret it! 

1. What appeals of the world tend to trip you up most easily?
2. How can you “lace up” to resist those worldly appeals?
3. What could you do even today to “lace up” tighter to play the “game” of life better?

Extra Reading: Job 18:7,Psalm 36:11, 37:24, 119:165, Ephesians 6:10-18


Lord, help me get laced up properly today. I want to be completely ready to compete for Christ. Please continue to speak to me as I spend time in Your Word. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
Ephesians 6