Home Run

This is basically a music video format to the song “Home Run” by Geoff Moore and the Distance. Satan is the pitcher and his buddies are the fielders. One person is up to bat and he has friends on base that he has to get home (heaven). The first two pitches are strikes (swing and miss). The song ends with the batter hitting a home run and Satan falling in defeat. This skit stresses the importance of keeping on keeping on for Christ. Lives are in the balance (those on base), depending on us to do the right thing (hitting a home run). Satan is trying to make us stumble (throwing curves, spit balls, cheating to make us strike out). Satan is pitching to the batter, who swings twice and misses. Satan is scuffing the ball, laughing, pointing fingers, while demons help him (rub his shoulders, etc.). Batter swings on crack of bat, hits a home run and circles the bases. The other runners give him high fives and hugs when they all get to home base. Satan stomps off, mad, and the demons can’t believe it. Everyone can wave their arms over their heads when “Woo ooh oh ooh ooh” is being sung. Others can be used as the crowd of witnesses.

Number of Characters: Nine or ten:

You need an umpire, batter, catcher, pitcher, fielders, base runners,
two or more angels helping the batter, two or more demons helping the pitcher
and a crowd of witnesses (optional). A bat is helpful but not required. 


Up To Bat For Christ, Do Not Quit, Or Never Give Up 

Number of People 9