Matthew 18:20


Matthew 18:20

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.




Hockey Chat:  I imagine the first invention of hockey must’ve been pretty boring.  One guy sort of figuring things out.  But when he got his buddies together and got a game going, it was a good time.  Hockey is definitely not an individual sport.   If you’ve ever been out skating alone you know the excitement when someone else shows up to play.  It’s that kind of dynamic game.


Life Lesson:  When we gather together, whether it’s at church or a Bible study or just in company, we can feel that presence of Christ there looking over our shoulders with enjoyment for it’s because of him that we can share in this awesome brotherhood.  Being a “lone-Christian” just isn’t as exciting as being able to share your faith with fellow followers.  Being gathered together is definitely spirit filled.  Pass It On Hockey ministry has done a wonderful job of bringing people from two different states together every week and now hosting the Christian Cup they are bring brothers from all over the country together.  It’s a bond beyond hockey.  It’s more than goals on the ice, it’s for the glory of Christ.

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 18