Romans 3:23


Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,”




Hockey Chat:  For many folks, the greatest hockey player they know was Wayne Gretzky.  Even his old coach knew that.  While playing for the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA in the 1978-79 season he was sold to Peter Pocklington owner of the Edmonton Oilers for a painting and a million dollars.  He went on to win the scoring title 10 times in his career and blasted through the goal scoring record like he blasted pucks into the net.  Nine Hart Tropheys, 4 Stanley Cups, 2 Con Smythes.  He made the highlight clips nightly but the one clip that has not been talked about as a great feat was a great blunder (I just happen to still have it on VHS tape).  As he was racing back to get in between a 2-on-1 break on his own goal, he stuck his stick out to block the pass from the other team as it was coming across the goal to the shooter ready on the other side.  The puck hit Getzky’s stick, redirected it past his own goalie, and it went into his own net.  He just scored for the other team.  What a loser, right?  Not on the stats and record books.  He went on to continue stacking up points and records and winning games.


Life Lesson:  We do goof up in life at times.  We make mistakes. We sin.  Jesus is there to forgive our sins and help us on the path of righteous living.  Don’t ever let Satan lie to you and tell you that you blew it for good.  You can always get back in the game and do great things to be victorious in God’s eyes.  Don’t let a mistake get you down and out, get back in the game and know you have Jesus on your side and God as your coach.  He knows your true abilities and that YOU are “The Great One” in the game of life.

Bible Reference: 
Romans 3