The Spotter


“But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit—the Father will send Him in My name—will teach you all things and remind you of everything I have told you.”
-John 14:26  


Weight lifters often use spotters to help them stay safe during workouts and get maximum results. In your own experience, have you ever done a bench press workout without a spotter? I have. And when I tried it, my workout was lack luster. I couldn’t work out as intensely as I could have if I’d known I had someone there.

When I bench press, I’m so much more effective when I have a spotter to encourage me and offer help if I need it. When I get tired, my spotter speaks encouraging words or helps me lift, and he provides just enough help so that I can finish that last rep or two. He really helps me have a great workout instead of just a good workout.

In life, God also gave us a Spotter: the Holy Spirit. In John 14:26, Jesus said that He was sending a Counselor to us in His absence. The Holy Spirit showed up in Acts 2 when the Apostles had locked themselves in a room for fear of the Jews. The Apostles were afraid, powerless and confused as to what to do next. But God’s promised Spotter gave them the power to do miracles in the name of Jesus.

The Christians in that room had the knowledge and will to teach the good news, but they needed help. The Holy Spirit gave them courage, boldness and wisdom to preach the gospel at full strength. They healed the sick and spoke the truth of Christ with authority. The Holy Spirit gave them the power to do their very best for God.

The great news is that God’s Spotter—the Holy Spirit—is here for us today, as well. All we need to do is seek Him and listen for Him. He will encourage us and guide us as we walk through the day’s challenges. If we are diligent in seeking Him, our walk with Jesus will be strong, and we will have wisdom and discernment for the challenges we face each day as a Christ follower. He will be there to encourage us, keep us strong, and even make us stronger in Christ.

Just like that person who stands behind the bench press waiting to help us become stronger physically, the Holy Spirit is behind us to help strengthen us spiritually and provide encouragement, wisdom and power.

Today, don’t go to the “bench” alone. Your Heavenly Father has given you the ultimate Spotter in the form of His Holy Spirit. Let Him help make you as strong as you were meant to be! 


1. How have you benefitted from using a spotter when lifting weights?
2. How does the Holy Spirit serve as a spiritual Spotter in your daily life?
3. Do you tend to rely on your own understanding, or do you seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit in all things?
4. Do you ask the Holy Spirit to help control your actions?
5. In what specific areas of your life are you trying to operate without the help of the Holy Spirit? Will you make the decision to let Him help and guide you? 


Acts 2
Romans 8:26-28
Galatians 5:22