The Squeeze


"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
-Matthew 11:28


The life of a coach goes something like this: gets up early, goes to office, teaches class or watches film, meets with other coaches, has a lunch meeting, goes over more film, reviews scouting reports, teaches more class, prepares for team meetings, has team meetings, has team practice, has follow-up meetings with coaches and players, and finally leaves for home. Once they get home, they review homework, chat with their spouse, spend time with kids, read a bedtime story, make a couple of calls, and finally eat dinner.

Obviously, the life of a coach is a busy one — sometimes too busy. But is something missing? How could anything more possibly fit into that busy day? What is missing is vitally important, eternally important. This is where the squeeze comes in.

The squeeze. It is the brief amount of time spent or thought about spending with Jesus during a day. Look at your day-timer or palm pilot, where is that 10 minutes of time? How about five? Come on … one? You can't even spare ONE minute for the One who created you and gave you the ability to coach? Ok, so you give in. You squeeze Him in. Out of guilt or obligation, you give the Master Coach a little face time. Nevertheless, after time, you find yourself squeezing Him out of your life rather than squeezing Him in.

I have been there. I have worked at a Christian high school, Christian college, and now in a sports ministry. The squeeze is ever present. Life gets busy and overbearing, and the One who can help you the most doesn't get the opportunity to do so. But Jesus is waiting, patiently waiting. In Matthew, Jesus says "Come to me." He knows you are tired. He knows you are weary. He knows you need a break, and He wants to give you one. He wants to spend time with the one He loves as much as anyone — YOU.

Are you caught up in the squeeze? If so, remember squeezing Him in is always better than squeezing Him out. Once He is in for a moment, take time to listen, love and learn from the only Coach who can teach you more than you ever imagined. I guarantee you will find more time to spend with Him daily. Follow Nike on this one … Just do it!


1. Are you squeezing Him in or out of your life?
2. What is holding you back from making time for Him?
3. What other areas in your life are you caught in the squeeze?
4. Why do you think it is so important to squeeze in time with God each day?


Psalm 23
Psalm 51
Isaiah 40:27-31
Hebrews 12:2-3


Loving Father, thank You that You forgive me for the times that I forget You. Thank You for making a way, through Your Son, for me to come to You each day. Help me protect my time with You, Lord. Amen. 

Bible Reference: 
Hebrews 12