Staying on Track


“As the time drew near for him to ascend to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” - Luke 9:51 (NLT)


“Coach, I couldn't make it to weight-lifting on time because I had to get my hair cut.”

Apparently there wasn't enough time in the day for this athlete to handle his busy schedule. It's not like there was any other time in the day he could have gotten a haircut. It must have been a life-or-death situation! This real-life excuse is an example of a struggle common to many athletes: a lack of focus.

As a Christian athlete, we are to live as Jesus did. Jesus was a focused individual. Our Scripture passage says that Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Jerusalem was where He was crucified, and at this point in the Gospel, Jesus was on a mission to go to Jerusalem to die for our sins. He went resolutely to Jerusalem which, according to Webster’s Dictionary, means that He went with “a fixed, firm purpose; determined.” This character trait of purpose and focus allowed Jesus to decline distractions.

In Matthew 4, Satan tried to distract Jesus from His mission by offering Him fame and power. But Jesus declined because He knew what He was here to accomplish. His purpose and determination allowed Him to overcome obstacles. In His life on earth, Jesus faced many obstacles: opposition from the Pharisees, lack of faith from His followers, the pain of the cross, and more. Although it was difficult, Jesus had a fixed, firm purpose and overcame these obstacles in order to save us. In order to become more like Jesus, we need to be focused.

Today, decline unnecessary distractions and focus on the serving Him with all your heart.


1. What is your purpose in playing or coaching sports?

2. What are some things that distract you from playing or coaching at your best? How can you decline them?

3. What are some of the obstacles you face in life? Are you allowing the Lord to help you overcome them? How can you invite Him to be a bigger factor in helping you overcome?


Psalm 84:11 Philippians 3:7-11