Strength in Numbers


A wise warrior is better than a strong one, and a man of knowledge than one of strength; for you should wage war with sound guidance—victory comes with many counselors."--Proverbs 24:5-6


There is more than one person who mentors me and speaks into my life. If I have an issue, I have five mentors on whom I can call, and they all give me different perspectives. It takes many advisers to win the war. That doesn’t mean we should ask 100 people for advice. But there’s some godly counsel that you can have around to pour into your life, and it will keep your steps straight.  

That’s what happens with strength in numbers. That’s why I believe in accountability. If some issues are popping up, we can all come together in agreement and pull each other out of a bad situation.  

That’s a powerful thing.  

A lot of times, we don’t get enough people around us. We might just have one. So if the problem is drinking, the one struggling might ask the other to help and the next thing you know, the one who’s struggling has pulled the other one down. But if there are three brothers around, they’re all going to pull you up.  


1. How does the phrase “strength in numbers” relate to your sport? 
2. Can you describe a time when you tried to do things on your own? Can you describe a time when you relied on the advice and counsel of others? What was the difference in the two situations? 
3. As a Christian, what are some scenarios in which having “strength in numbers” might make the difference between success and failure? 


Lord, help me to resist the temptation of going it alone and, instead, surround me with wise believers of integrity who can counsel and guide me in Your ways. Amen.