Such a Time as This


“Who knows, perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” — Esther 4:14b


We all know the story. It has been fantasized in the minds of aspiring athletes everywhere. It has been replayed continuously on driveways and vacant lots all over the world. Whether it’s one second left on the clock, the bottom of the ninth inning, or the last ten meters of a race, somehow the unlikely hero snatches victory from the jaws of defeat and basks in the adoration of the make-believe crowd.

Esther experienced a real-life moment like that. An unsuspecting heroine, she altered the destiny of her people by recognizing her window of opportunity. Her faith, determination, and desire to be used by God saved an entire nation. In one instant, she was transformed from former slave girl to champion—someone willing to risk death to ensure the safety of her people. She was changed from the ordinary to the supernatural!

As coaches, have we experienced moments like that? Do we yearn for one? Certainly, we dream of that “big” game. We execute in our minds the best plays and defenses. However, as coaches, we encounter many real, everyday situations where we can use our “royal” positions to alter humanity.

Could it be that God has allowed us to have our current positions to minister to the young people around us? Are we willing to take time after practice to get acquainted with the player at the end of the bench? When adversity strikes, as it most assuredly will, are we prepared to demonstrate the love of Christ by the way we handle ourselves? Will we take an affirmative stance on issues, even if it isn’t popular?

As coaches, we have a great deal of responsibility. But we should accept it with the confidence that the same God who placed Esther in her royal position has also placed us in “such a time as this” for His glory. It just might be our time to see God’s glory personified in our lives through the most unlikely circumstances.

  1. As a coach or athlete, how often do you consider your position or role on the team as an opportunity to be an ambassador for Christ?
  2. What are some situations you've experienced where you have an opportunity to act in such a way that gives God glory, even when unpopular?
  3. How can you be more aware of the opportunities God gives you every day?

1 Peter 2:4–10


Father God, I know that You have placed me in this position for Your glory. Lord, I want to move from the ordinary to the supernatural! Use me today and always for Your glory. Amen.