The Time is Now

Ready “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life.” - John 5:24 (NIV)
Set Have you ever experienced a critical game situation in which your coach said, “We are going to win the game on this possession.” Maybe your basketball coach saw a mismatch in the post or your football coach was confident that a post pattern would score a touchdown. And, sure enough, your team runs the play, and the coach’s call works exactly as planned. Most likely, your coach knew that the play was going to work for that moment. It wasn’t for later in the game or even later in the season, but for that exact time and situation. Each player left the huddle with the utmost belief that it was going to work. According to the coach, the timing was perfect. They think, “Coach said it’s going to work, so it HAS to work.” Just as the players believe totally in their coach at those crucial moments, as Christians, we also need to believe totally in the plans of God, our Master Coach. He has given us a game plan in His Word that is perfect for our lives. In Scripture, Jesus tells us that whoever believes in Him has eternal life. That’s right! Jesus used the word HAS. The timing is perfect, and it is now. Our greatest Coach, says the play will work, so it HAS to work. And it will work now, in this moment, just like it will forever! Today let’s get on our knees and thank God for our great opportunity of the eternal life that stems from a present, living faith. This great hope is not something to be saved for later this month or even later next year. It can be now! All you need to do is run the play and you are guaranteed eternal victory through Christ!
Go 1. Can you recall a specific play your coach called that worked with great precision? 2. Are you waiting to run the play of God’s salvation later in life? Why wait when you could surrender to Him now and receive His gift of eternal life? 3. Have you taken the time to talk to God and thank Him for the marvelous opportunity of eternal life?
Workout John 3:15-16 John 3:36 Romans 10:9