What’s Your Team Saying About You?


"When they observed the boldness of Peter and John and realized that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed and knew that they had been with Jesus." — Acts 4:13


In this Bible story (Ac 4:1–13), we see courage on display in the lives of Peter and John. These great men were thrown into jail for speaking the truth and performing a miracle. When asked about their ministry, Peter boldly gave the glory to Jesus, not himself, and proclaimed that salvation was found only in Christ. This boldness could only be explained because they had experienced a personal a relationship with their Lord.

I have played under all types of coaches. They all had different personalities and coaching techniques. All influenced me to one degree or another. I can truthfully say that the lessons learned by myself and the teams will always be remembered. Repetition was a huge part of learning a coach’s system and gaining an attitude of winning. Some of the coaches used intimidation and threats to motivate. Others were encouragers who demonstrated compassion. Both techniques worked, at times some better than others. All of them emphasized pride and teamwork.

Having Jesus as our eternal Coach, we should play the game of life and coach with the boldness of Peter and John. We must analyze and examine our own hearts and give ourselves a grade on our coaching methods. What do our players, opposing teams, coaches, and fans say about us?


1. In what ways can you improve your coaching techniques?
2. What will your team have to say about you?
3. Are you a positive influence on your players, coaches, and fans?


Extra Reading: 2 Corinthians 3:12; 2 Timothy 2:1–2; Titus 2:1–8


Lord, examine my heart and teach me Your ways. Help me be the coach of influence that You desire me to be. May those whom You put before me be influenced in a manner that is pleasing to You. Amen.