While You Still Can


“Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”  -- James 4:17


Not long ago, my car was taken into an auto shop to have the brakes fixed. A few days after getting my car back, I noticed the brake light was lit up on the dashboard. Obviously, something was not right, especially after it just came back from the shop with the brakes working fine. I set a mental reminder to tell my dad about the brake light, but it quickly left my mind, not taking it very seriously. I did this several times throughout the next week and a half.
Luckily, my dad discovered the brake light when he took the car to pick up my mom and her friend. After taking the car back to the auto shop, my dad received a call about the car. While trying to solve the problem of the brake light, the mechanic stumbled upon a greater problem: the frame of the car was mostly rusted out with the front of the car being held together by two bolts instead of four. The mechanic explained that the car’s frame could give at any moment, and it was no longer safe to drive. Just a day earlier, I was driving a car with issues that could’ve caused a serious, maybe even fatal, accident, and I had no idea. 

This happens in our spiritual walk as well. The Holy Spirit is like our brake light. It comes on, giving us a warning that something needs to be fixed or checked. Maybe it’s a sinful thought or act that’s been lurking in your heart, a relationship that you know needs mending or even a calling to share the Gospel with someone. Maybe it’s not a warning but a sign to act. James tells us that it’s not only a sin to do wrong, but it’s also a sin to know what is right and not do it (James 4:17). Regardless of what it is, we oftentimes ignore it or don’t take it seriously. We’re unwilling to do what it takes to fix it until the time runs out, and the warning we neglected, causes unexpected pain or regret. 

Just like I didn’t know when the interior of the car would give out, we don’t know when our last chance to fix the problem will be. We don’t know what could happen if we ignore the Holy Spirit’s warning. Are you listening to Him? Are you yielding to His warnings and signs? It may not be comfortable to do, but it’s worth it. Don’t wait before it’s too late. We have limited time, so live for God today. Trust Him and let Him guide and transform you as you navigate life.

  • What warning signs are going off in your life?
  • Are you yielding to the Holy Spirit’s warnings?
  • If God were to inspect your life, what would He first fix?

James 4:14-17


“Dear Heavenly Father, show me what needs to be fixed or changed in my life. Direct my focus to where it needs to be. Help me to act with urgency and not laziness. In Your name I pray, amen.”

Bible Reference: 
James 4:17