Who’s Calling the Shots?

Ready “But if it doesn't please you to worship the LORD, choose for yourselves today the one you will worship…” -Joshua 24:15a
After his recent passing, people around the world continue to remember the life and legacy of Coach John Wooden. He was a teacher, leader, coach and father figure to so many great players in his career. One unmistakable characteristic of Wooden was that those around him knew who was in charge. Just ask Bill Walton. Before one of his seasons at UCLA, he decided he wanted to play with long hair and facial hair. Walton walked into Wooden’s office and told him just what his plan was. Walton thought he was going to do things his own way.

In our service at church this week I was reminded about who should be calling the shots in our lives. Our pastor, James McDonald, told us that there are only two ways in life: our way or God’s way. How sobering to hear how we try to do it our way most of the time and refuse to give our lives totally over to Him. It’s easy to say we are letting God lead, but are we really? After church I found an old song by Keith Green that truly pierced my heart. Read these lyrics:

“To obey is better than sacrifice.
I don't need your money.
I want your life.
And I hear you say that I'm coming back soon,
but you act like I'll never return.”

Are you obeying your Master’s voice? You can give millions of dollars to your church, but if your heart is not given to Christ, what was all the money worth? 

Walton told his coach what HIS plan was. In response, Coach Wooden sat there and told Walton that he hoped he would enjoy watching the team play that year because no player of his would play with long hair or facial hair. Walton was at the next practice cleanly shaven and with nicely cut hair.

Walton got the message and never forgot it. He obeyed his coach. What about you? Are you obeying your heavenly coach? God’s way is always right, always timely, and always perfect for us. Though we may not understand it all, His way is better than our way. There are many on the road of “my way” and few on the road of God’s way, but the road less traveled is the road worth travelling. I pose the question again, who is calling the shots in your life? As stated in the lyrics of the song above, God says to each of us, “I want your life.” That means all of you, not just financials, friendships, or fame. Drop your way and get on God’s way today.

Go 1. When have you wanted your own way in your sport? What about at home, at work or in school? 2. The world offers one way, but God offers another. Why do so many people continue to chose what the world has to offer? 3. Are your actions reflecting that God is the Lord of your entire life? Explain.
Workout Proverbs 3:5-6 Matthew 7:12-14 Luke 9:23-26
Bible Reference: 
Luke 9