Worth It in the End


“But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” 
-Matthew 24:13


I recently went through a life-changing experience. After years of pain and struggle, I finally had a total knee replacement on my left knee. Before my surgery, everyone who’d gone through the same thing said having it done was a great decision. Today, one week after surgery, I am slowly beginning to believe that. The previous six days, however, have been marked with pain like I’ve never felt before. I’ve experienced new struggles that seemed unreasonable and have often been tempted to quit. All of this because of a change in my left knee.

Jesus Christ told great stories—not just stories, but parables alluding to things people could expect when they decided to follow Him with all their heart. Their decision to follow Him (a drastic change) would bring joy and happiness in the end, but their journey would be long, hard and painful at times. But the cost of being a disciple of Jesus Christ would be worth it in the end.  Those who truly follow Christ know the end of the story: eternal life in heaven with Him. It is an ending that is well worth the struggle here on earth.

In your life, have you ever thought about giving up as a Christian because it just got too hard? Maybe you just accepted Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of your life, or you recently recommitted your life back to Him. Already you may be facing trials, temptations, struggles, and yes, even pain. But, at these times, it is so important to remember the end of the story. It will be worth it in the end! In fact, a friend of mine recently reminded me that all we need to do as believers is to keep getting one day better with Christ—just to keep pursuing Him and seeking Him regardless of the situation and leaving the results up to Him. Eventually, we will be delivered from all of the pain and suffering here on earth and enter into eternity with Him, and all of the pain we experience here will be nothing more than a thing of the past.

Today, regardless of whether you are new to the faith or a longtime veteran, you’re likely experiencing struggles, challenges and heartaches. If it seems too much to bear, remember that Christ gave us the example, game plan, and final destination for those of us who follow after Him. He experienced the ultimate test of hardship by going through the crucifixion experience, but, through great endurance, He persevered and was ultimately raised to new life, achieving the beautiful result of salvation for the world.

Perseverance is difficult, but it is worth it. Will my knee get better? With hard work, yes. I just have to keep the end result of that work in mind and keep going. And it’s no different regarding our life in Christ. Each day will present challenges, and we will have to make a choice to endure, power through, or let the challenge overwhelm us. Thankfully, through Christ, the last option is never the only one.

Today, face each new challenge and get one day better in Christ. It will be worth it in the end.

  1. What challenge are you facing today?
  2. Why did Jesus tell so many parables about endurance?
  3. In the midst of your trial, how can you get one day better in Christ?
  4. Instead of asking God why you are going through this challenge, can you ask Him what He wants to teach you?
  5. Are you willing to learn from this experience and let Him draw you closer to Him?

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Romans 5:1-11
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