With You!


“They said to each other, ‘Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?’” -- Luke 24:32


In sports, communication is so key. There is nothing like hearing your teammate shout, “I’m with you!” as you go on the attack. You know you’re not alone. You feel empowered.

Like a great teammate, Jesus makes it clear to us that he values communicating to us! In the story, these two disciples were on a journey, much like we all are. They encountered a man who they didn’t realize was the resurrected Jesus. Once their eyes were opened to who He was, they reflected back on their time with Him as He “talked with” them and “explained the Scriptures.” They realized that their “hearts burned” in His presence.

Just like these disciples, when we read the Bible and walk in intimate times with God, the Holy Spirit makes our hearts burn for more of Him. Jesus Himself, through the Holy Spirit, encounters us with His presence. We can feel Him in our soul. The Bible literally says that Jesus is “the word of God.” All Scripture points to Jesus and our soul shouts “Yes and Amen!” when He teaches us truth in His Word because it sets us free!

As you begin to open your Bible today and each day, remember that you are not alone. He is walking and talking with you! Every time we open the Word, whether we fully understand it or not, we are walking with Jesus and He is present with us to teach us and make our hearts burn for more of Him.

  • Have you ever thought the Bible contains just words on a page?
  • How would your quiet time change if Jesus showed up?

John 1:14; John 8:32


“Jesus, thank You that we are not alone and that You care so much about reminding us that You are with us! Thank You for Your Word, make us burn for You as we read it.”

Bible Reference: 
Luke 24:32
John 1:14
John 8:32