Trapped in Sin

Jesus is standing off to the side away from the sin (can be done to “Bright Eyes” by Kim Carnes). The girl comes on stage and is trying to choose which direction to go in (the sin or Jesus). After thinking briefly, she starts toward the sin. Her caring friend comes out to try and persuade her to go toward Jesus, but the girl ignores her.

She goes over to the sin and embraces them one by one. When she is finished, she goes back to the first sin and takes his hands and starts dancing in a circle. She is smiling, but the sin has no expression. Quickly, the second sin joins hands in the circle of dancing and then the third, fourth, and fifth.

The girl is happily dancing, but the sins have no expression. After dancing for a short time, the girl gets thrown into the middle. At first she like it, but quickly realizes that she is trapped in the sin and can’t get out. The girl tries and tries, but she is trapped (the sins still have their hands joined). She falls to her knees and begins crying and the sin moves in on her. Right then, Jesus grabs two of the sins by the shoulders and throws them back (all the sins fall). Jesus then embraces the girl and leads her off stage.

Characters: This skit is a mime. You will need a Jesus, a female for the main part, a caring friend, and four or five guys to represent different sins of lust, materialism, drugs, alcohol, greed or any other sin you want.


Endurance in the Christian Life 

Hebrews 12:1-2

Number of People 8
Bible Reference: 
Hebrews 12